Celebrating Cultures

Room 11 has been learning about different cultures.   We had a cultural feast.  Everyone brought to school some cultural food and we had a shared lunch.  “I tried to taste a lot of new foods.  My favourite was the Taiwanese Sausages that Julia made.” said Anna.   

Everyone brought in an object from their culture and talked about why it was important to them.” I brought in a photo of my family. They were wearing traditional Indian clothes.” said Ganga.     

In our classroom we have got a display of paper dolls in cultural costumes. There are six dolls on the wall and each one tells us about their culture and their traditional clothes.  

We learnt a lot about the cultures of the Pacific Islands.   Everyone in the class made separate Tapa cloths.  All of the patterns were different.  

At the start of the term it was Maori Language Week.  We each learnt our Toku Pepeha.  The Toku Pepeha has information about our first name, last name, the country you’re from, your house, your special river and your mountain.

As a big celebration of the cultures we have in our school we are having a cultural festival.  The performances are next week.  We have been learning the dances since the beginning of the term.  Almost everyone in room 11 is in a dance.