Room 24

Welcome back to school for 2013 !

I have enjoyed meeting many parents over the last few days and am very excited about our year together in Room 24. 

Physical Education – Swimming is our focus this Term while the weather is good. Thankyou to those parent helpers, in advance, for their support. DONT FORGET Mondays and Thursdays are our swimming days.

Reading - Each night the children will bring home a book in their book bag. This could be:

1. The book we have read in class on that day.

2. One chosen from their group box.  

Any questions or queries I am always happy to help. Or email me at.


Thanks Ms Pirini



Dear parents / caregivers Please be reminded that tonight, Thursday 14th February, St Thomas's School will be holding a Meet the Vision and Meet the Teacher evening.   The evening will run as follows: 
  • 6.00 all staff and parents meet in the hall and over view of the Vision for St Thomas’s presented by the principal
  • 6.30-7.30 all teachers will be in their own classrooms to meet parents, provide a general overview of the year ahead and answer general questions in regards to the running of the classroom (this is not the time for specific questions around individual needs but further appointments can be arranged if needed)
 I look forward to meeting with you on Thursday. Michael Maher