Green Rangers 2013

Welcome to the 'Green Rangers' home page!

The Green Rangers are a group of students dedicated to improving the environment- both of our school and everywhere else we go!

How do we do this?

* Encourage students to bring  a 'litterless' lunch (no plastic wrap or packaging) through monitors checking and spot prizes.

* Attend regular lunchtime meeting to discuss ways to improve our school's efforts to protect the environment. Also to work on school projects.  

* Support with the schools recycling - both class paper recycling and staff recycling.

* Participate in TAG groups to discuss and implement ways to promote environmental care.

Term 1 Projects

* Litterless lunch campaign 

* Picking up rubbish

* Survey to parents (re school tuck shop)

* Posters up (re Reduce Re use Recycle)

* Litterless lunch leaflet home

Term 2 proposed projects

* Litterless lunch campaign (continue)

* Survey students (re prizes for litter less lunches) Click HERE to take the survey!

* Litter audit (count our rubbish!) Click HERE to see the results and pictures! 

* Recycling bins (for morning tea & lunch litter)

* Compost bins (Bokashi)

* Unpackit awards.  Click HERE to find out more from their website. 

Green Ranger Projects