Green Rangers 2015

Welcome to the 'Green Rangers' home page!

The Green Rangers are a group of students dedicated to improving the environment- both of our school and everywhere else we go!




1) Litter less lunch (Wacky Wrapper Free Wednesday)

2) School veggie garden (which looks AWESOME!)

3) Food scraps for worms (FSFW) bins



How do we do to help the environment?

* Encourage students to bring  a 'litterless' lunch (no plastic wrap or packaging) through monitors checking and spot prizes.

* Attend regular lunchtime meeting to discuss ways to improve our school's efforts to protect the environment. Also to work on school projects.  

* Support with the schools recycling - class paper recycling, staff recycling and food scraps.

* Participate in TAG groups to discuss and implement ways to promote environmental care.


* Look after the school garden

Term 1 Projects

* Litterless lunch campaign 

* Picking up rubbish

* Posters up (re Reduce Re use Recycle)

* Begin collecting food scraps

* Recycling bins (for lunch litter)

* Compost bins (Bokashi)