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St Thomas's School was reviewed by the Education Review Office (ERO) in term three of 2014, and the final report was provided to the Board of Trustees in Term four. The report highlights that St Thomas's is a high performing school with a powerfully worded and graphic vision statement, which provides a cornerstone for what we do.

They note that our vision statement of “an unrelenting pursuit of excellence” is well reflected in our practices and programmes. The school has high expectations for student achievement, and teachers are professionals who are improvement focused. The school has many effective strategies for promoting educational success for Maori students, and there is a genuine commitment to building the school bicultural responsiveness and capacity. Classrooms are purposeful and settled environments, and students with special needs are well integrated into classroom programmes. Capable, vision-driven governance and leadership, demonstrate a clear capacity and commitment to promoting ongoing school improvement and future direction for the school.

The Educational Review Office have approximately 12 per cent of schools in New Zealand on a four-to-five year review schedule, when they can demonstrate exceptional performance. St Thomas's School is now on a four-to-five year review cycle.