Important Note:

If paying on-line for PTA run fundraisers such as event tickets, athon and calandar art, please use the PTA bank account 12-3027-0333298-00 not the school account. It creates a big headache for the admin teams and while it is being sorted out, it may delay you getting what you ordered.

Thank you! 

For what's coming up, visit the St Thomas's School PTA Facebook page: www.facebook.com/StThomasSchoolPTA

With your help last year, the PTA has helped the school buy band equipment, AV studio equipment, sports uniforms, new trestle tables and contributed towards the cost of the $90,000 sport surface outside the new classrooms.

With the construction programme well under way and the future shape of the school taking shape, there are plenty more projects that have been proposed but not able to be fully funded by the Ministry of Education. This is where we need your help to supply the extra cash to improve St Thomas's learning and recreational resourses. The main fundraising goal for 2015 is for more equipment for the school band and the purchase of a minivan. 

Please get behind our efforts by helping out and supporting our activities.

Thank you.

Next PTA Meetings

November 25th 7.30pm in the board room

Prospective members are welcome to turn up and see what goes on. Please contact Helen Stansfield if you would like to come so you can be kept in touch with any possible venue changes. E-mail: charmed.angel@xtra.co.nz

About the PTA

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an integral part of the St Thomas's School community. The PTA is responsible for fundraising and social activities within the school community. We co-operate with and support the Board of Trustees and teachers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We would love it if you could get involved with the PTA either on the committee or as a helper. It's a great opportunity to get to know some of the other parents, help your children and have some fun. If you want to find out more about what we do, feel free to contact us or come along to a meeting. We have regular meetings during term time, check back here for dates and times.

Friends of the PTA

If you don’t want to be involved in the details of organising events you can join the Friends of the PTA, our friendly team that lend us a hand when required. We are also keen to hear from you if you have any ideas for events or have goods or services to donate for prizes.

If you would like to be involved with the PTA as a class representative, PTA member or Friend of the PTA please contact Mel  at craigandmelmckay@xtra.co.nz

The PTA also operates a Class Co-ordinator System whereby one parent from each class co-ordinates class contact details for email and phone numbers. They then help to co-ordinate class social get-togethers, and information from the PTA.  If you are interested in helping with your child's class, please contact Mel MaKay at craigandmelmckay@xtra.co.nz


2015/16 Committee

Chairpeople: Helen Stansfield and Mel McKay 

Treasurer: Emma Winsloe

Secretary: Andrea Cleland

Julie Hancock, Justime Cavanagh, Mel Topp (Teacher Representative), Ruth Ward, Kelvin Holst, Roger Lacey, Yvonne Chittenden, Bronwen McPhee, Nicola Smith, Andy Pomfret, Natasha West, Helen McKinley, Kathie Davies, Keri Brown and Michelle Holmes.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact: Helen Stansfield email: charmed.angel@xtra.co.nz 


A Note from the Principal  
Our wonderful PTA-working for all our students.
The Ministry of Education provide an adequate amount of money to operate the essential parts of schools, 
whether infrastructure or staffing. However when it comes to anything beyond the basics it is up to the 
Board and the community to fund the extras. We are fortunate at St Thomas’s to have a very dedicated 
PTA who work closely with the Board to raise funds for identified needs. In 2012, the PTA donated $63,000 
to the school. These funds either partially or totally funded the following: equipment for our new learning 
centre such as ovens and microwaves, basketball boards, court markings, swimming pool changing rooms 
upgrade, cultural festival, a freezer for PTA ice cream stock, sports equipment, sports uniform and a heat 
pump for the swimming pool. The heat pump is sourced and ready to be installed but was delayed due to 
the proposed relocation of some of our classrooms which housed the fuse board. The heat pump will be 
installed in the coming months and commissioned for term 4 of this year.
This year the PTA are fundraising for environmental enhancement for the areas around the classrooms. As 
the construction of our new classrooms commences later in the year, some of the pre-fabricated 
classrooms will be moved into new permanent positions. Though this will be funded by the Ministry, funds 
will still be required to enhance and beautify these areas to create a stimulating environment for our 
students. The PTA has a major fundraising Quiz Night coming up in June and we are asking the community 
to get behind this event just as it has every other year. By working together and supporting the PTA we end 
up with a school which improves year after year. So please book this night in your calendar, book a table 
with some friends and if you can help out the PTA please make contact with some of the team or co-chairperson Helen Stansfield: charmed.angel@xtra.co.nz 
Kind regards
Michael Maher
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