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Fax - ( 09 ) 528 - 3944
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113 Allum Street Kohimarama


Michael Maher


Gael Richardson

Associate Principal

Peggy Lowe

Associate Principal

Carolyn Agoston

Information And Communication Director

Year 6, 7 and 8 Teachers


Room S 12 Miss Claire Fromow


Room S8 Mr Mike Hudson


Room S11 Mrs Nicky Brickland


Room S10 Mrs Sarah Barratt Boyes


Room S1 Miss Miriam Gwyn


Room S9 Mr Mat Tamariki


Room S7 Ms Emma Johnson


Room S2 Mr Matt Hansen


Year 4 and 5 Teachers


Room S 6 Mr Dan Morris-Adams


Room M 6 Mrs Teresa Bracefield


Room M 4 Miss Yasmin Gibson


Room M 10 Mrs Janet Rothery


Room M 7 Mrs Melanie Topp


Room S 5 Miss Rebecca Long


Room S 3 Miss Emma Davies


Year 1 Teachers


Room J 5 Miss Laura Young


Room J 6 Miss Carmen Wood


RoomJ 7 Miss Flora Ko


Room J 8 Mrs Petrea Barker


Room J 16 Ms Anne Pirini





Year 2 and 3 Teachers


Room J 14 Mrs Connie McAdam


Room J 11 Mrs Maria Kroonenberg


Mrs Judy Clark ESOL


Room J 12 Miss Rachelle Bright


Room M 8 Mrs Ingrid May


Room M 9 Mrs Nahida Morris-Adams


Room M 5 Mrs Sarah Allen


Room M 11 Miss Lisa Hooper


Room J 10 Miss Leonie Agnew