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BYOD Information

All students in Years 5-8 need to bring their own device to school each day. Students in Year 4 are encouraged to bring their own device, but it is not compulsory at this year level.

To assist parents with selecting a suitable device we have worked with The Warehouse Group to set up this website:

St Thomas’s School BYOD Device Options.

Please note that BYOD devices can be purchased from anywhere, this is just one option.

More About our St Thomas’s BYOD Programme

Our programme is flexible.  Any internet capable laptop will be a huge advantage for your child. iPads/tablets can be used, but we find these are difficult for writing and lack some of the features that make them suitable for all school related tasks.

The use of BYOD devices in class gradually increases from Year 4 to Year 8.  By Year 7&8 our students are predominantly learning using devices so that they are well prepared for their college transition.