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What does the PTA Do?

The PTA holds several fundraising events each year to raise money to put towards the needs of the school, as identified and agreed with by the school board.

There is always a senior staff member and a small number of parents that come along to each monthly meeting held in the school office between 7pm- 8.30pm. This is an important opportunity to share information about our children’s schooling and ideas about future fundraising events.

Friends of PTA (FOPTA)

We know there are members of the community who are keen to help and want to get involved.  Many parents are not able to commit to attending monthly meetings held at the school. However, if you can help in any way, please complete the form using the link below to add your name to our ‘Friends of the PTA’ mailing list.   

We will only use your details to ask for help with PTA related activities and events. We will never send you any advertising material.  There is no obligation to help at any time.

For what’s coming up, visit the St Thomas’s School PTA Facebook page:

To date we have raised funds for:

  • Full-size basketball court and upgrading existing courts (2023 & 2024)
  • Outdoor Bike Track & surrounding environment (2021 & 2022)
  • Enhancing the outdoor learning environment including play surfaces and learning through play equipment (2020 & 2021)
  • Shading & Seating around the school (2019)
  • An upgrade of the lighting and sound system for the school Hall (2018)
  • Seated areas around the school (2017)
  • Junior Interactive Playground (2016)

*Our fundraising efforts for 2024 is to help provide a full-size basketball court and upgrading existing courts. 

Fundraising Events Coming up:

  • Second Hand Uniform Sales each Term
  • A-thon in Term 2
  • Quiz Night in Term 2
  • Calander Art Term 2
  • School Disco in Term 3
  • Musical Showcase in Term 3
  • Christmas Hams & Turkeys in Term 4
  • Ice block Friday’s Term 1 & 4

Yummy Stickers


Start collecting your yummy stickers now. Sheets can be downloaded from the
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