Board of Trustees

The Board is accountable for student progress and achievement and has a duty to show to its parents, community, and the government that students are being well prepared for life beyond school.

The board’s role is to oversee the governance of the school and to ensure that everything that needs to be done gets done – legally, ethically and as well as possible in the best interests of its students.  The legal responsibilities of boards of trustees are determined by the Education and Training Act 2020.

The board is the employer of all staff, including the principal, and sets the overall strategic direction for the school.  The principal is the board’s ‘chief executive’ and manages the day-to-day operations of the school in line with the board’s direction and policies.

The board is elected every three years as per the Education and Training Act 2020.  The Board consists of:

  • five parent representatives elected by the community;
  • the principal;
  • and a staff-elected representative;

Section 127 of the Education and Training Act 2020 describes the board’s responsibilities, which include:

  • setting the strategic direction and targets for the school
  • planning towards and reporting on achieving those targets
  • curriculum management
  • financial and property management
  • policies and procedures
  • health and safety
  • employment of staff at the school

Every state and stage-integrated school in New Zealand has a board that governs it.

The board has the overall responsibility and accountability for the school.

Meetings 2021

  • 16th February via Zoom
  • 16th March
  • 13th April
  • 18th May
  • 15th June
  • 17th August
  • 21st September 
  • 1st November
  • 6th December

Meetings 2022

  • Monday 21st February
  • Monday 14th March
  • Monday 11th April
  • Monday 16th May
  • Tuesday 21st June
  • Tuesday 16th August
  • Tuesday 20th September
  • Tuesday 1st November
  • Tuesday 6th December


Minutes are available here or from the School Office.

Board minutes 16 February 2021
Board minutes 16 March 2021
Board minutes 13th April 2021
Board Minutes 18 May 2021
Board Minutes 15 June 2021
Board Minutes 25 August 2021
Board Minutes 21 September 2021
Board Minutes 1st November 2021


Agendas are available before the meeting either by email from or from the School Office.

Board Members

​If you need to contact a member of the Board of Trustees you can do so by emailing 

2021 – 2023 Strategic Plan

St Thomas’s School – Strategic Plan 2021

2020 Annual Report

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Governance Policies