Policies & Procedures

St Thomas’s School will comply with all general legislation and regulations concerning requirements for the operation of the school. If you have any queries about school policies and procedures you may also contact the school office.


Policies are part of the Governance role of the BOT and are reviewed on a 3 year cycle or as legislation or needs arise.


Child Protection Policy

Community Conduct Expectations

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Formal Complaints Policy

Harassment Complaints Procedure

Investigate a Formal Complaint or Serious Allegation

Parental Concerns

Policy for Dealing with Persistent or Vexatious Complaints

Uniform Policy


Procedures are the Management Guidelines that are linked to our BOT policies. These are the way we manage procedures within the school and are reviewed and changed to meet the needs of teachers, children, and changes to policies.

Alcohol on School Property

All Visitors to the School Procedure

Child Protection Procedures

Uniform Procedure